Friday, September 7, 2007

Horn Violin Frog: Adding the Underslide

The horn frog now has its underslide & eyelet.

[Horn Frog for Violin, Eyelet & Underslide View]

How did he fit the underslide on the frog? While I can't tell the specs he uses, I can show you some of the tools he uses to to help answer that question.

[Fomer, Sterling Silver Sheet, Hammer]

The big hunk of metal on the left is called the "former". The geometric piece next to it is part of it as well. The sheet of sterling silver on the right is sandwiched between those two pieces and its hammered away create angles of the underslide. Any excess of the folded silver sheet is cut away. As for the eyelet, a hole is drilled for frog so the eyelet can then be screwed in.

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