Friday, September 28, 2007

Caliph's Last Day

At the end of a long day, I'm usually the one holding the fort down. Sometimes, a customer or two might drop by during the last hour or so, but usually I'm left undisturbed to shuffling paper. The only activity in the Countryside plaza is The Bookworm and the Broadmoor Market.

[Caliph, sporting his new shades that he found on his patrol]

However, it's always fun when I hear the door beep and swivel around in my chair to see our local security guard, Caliph.

chg: "Hey Caliph, how's it goin' man!"
caliph: "Not bad, not bad, and how are you?"

Our typical exchange then goes into what happened that day. My favorite part is when we catch up on what movies we've seen. Caliph gets his thrills of action and martial arts from renting VHS tapes, while I'm pretty picky about what's worth seeing on the big screen. We also get to talk about each other's cultures and experiences living abroad. Caliph is originally from Sudan and he told some really interesting stories of the political turmoils in the region. He fled the country around the 90's into Ethiopia as a refugee before he made his way here to Nebraska.

I got to know Caliph on a daily basis because, well, I saw him every day since I started to work here. Everyday he takes his patrol around our corner. He's always on foot, dressed in his uniform, and armed with a walkie-talkie to call backup. Nah, he's not that intimidating but does his job well and is very friendly.

Today is Caliph's last day on the job. He's headed off to Salt Lake City. Good bye, good luck, and we'll miss you Caliph!

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