Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Antique French Violin Labeled "Le Blonde Luthier"

I promise to get back to posting more business articles and shop related postings but I had to promote our latest eBay auction. The last auction went really well and hope that the winning bidder will be happy with the item and stop by our blog as well:) Click on over for the antique French violin.

Anyway, Alex and I have been coming up with some ideas for more lengthy future posts. There's a lot of knowledge that's gets passed back and forth from casual conversations over the workbench. I don't necessarily have the time to take notes but I have thought of publishing excerpts from our dialogue about certain topics. Excerpt interview posts would be more formal and would probably take up time but might be informative to the readers. Really cool idea for the business would be to post podcasts or vlogcasts if I ever get around to it:)

For a more near future postings, will plan to post about the how certification versus the appraisal process is done. Good area to know for any musician or collector as this seems to bring about the vague area of the business.

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