Friday, July 13, 2007

Carbon Fiber Cello Construction

Carbon Fiber is the future

A prophetic vision-from our almighty God, YouTube-shows the details of the coming days.

"Violin shops will be put out of business. Musicians will abandon their decaying wooden Strads. Mass produced, technologically advanced instruments reaching the status of perfection, everyone will play like Paganini once they've traded their souls for cold carbon."

Well, probably not, but in theory it could. After all, I did see an advert in Strings Magazine that had Yo-Yo Ma posing with his brand new Luis & Clark cello #4 and is quoted: "I love this cello". Anyway, a fun post this was as I was absolutely fascinated by how these instruments with different materials and construction processes can mimic the acoustics of the real cello, for now:)

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