Saturday, June 2, 2007

Countryside Art Fair

Today is another Saturday at the shop. Alex, our boss, has left us to fend the shop on the all important weekends to be gone. Its the Countryside Shopping Plaza Arts Fair. Artisans and craftsmen have set up their booths and tents in the parking lots of this plaza since yesterday. Shoppers on a Saturday wander by a leisurely pace and stick their heads into the shops or artist tents.

Our bow maker Les has put together a makeshift work bench upstairs in hopes of enticing window shoppers in. He came in early as usual to get some work done. It's now 1:00 and neither of has been able to get much done with the customers. Any sales? Sadly no, but plenty of curious shoppers and customers inquiring about repair or restoration of their grandma's instrument left in the closet.


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